Simo Ahava

Web analytics has come a long way in shaping the world of digital marketing and online business model. Organizations are benefitting tremendously from real time analytical models in creating better leads, improving on product quality or service based on customer feedback and creating effective marketing campaigns to improve sales and productivity. There are numerous experts present in this field who are helping in creating innovative solutions related to web analytics and one such eminent expert in this field is Simo Ahava.

Simo Ahava

Biography – Simo Ahava

Simo Ahava, hailing from Helsinki, Finland, has a background in English Language and linguistics along with notable expertise in digital marketing, information technology as well as web development. Currently Simo Ahava holds the position of a Senior Data Advocate at Reaktor.

His sheer expertise not just spans across web analytics, but also covers various aspects of the IT disciplines with special focus on digital marketing. Simo Ahava is the author of an extremely popular blog which provides detailed insight on various aspects of web analytics.

  • Simo Ahava has his own blog related to Google Analytics and he regularly blogs at
  • He tours the world speaking at conferences for topics related to data quality, data collection and web analytics.

Simo Ahava

Simo’s Importance in Web Analytics

Simo has contributed a lot when it comes to web analytics and he is one of the leading experts in this field. Simo specializes in numerous aspects of the Google analytics field and they are:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Digital Marketing

His expertise in Google Tag Manager (or GTM, to make it short) makes him one of the leading experts guiding the web-world on the utilization of Tag Manager. Simo has authored numerous articles related to GTM and has helped a considerable number of eminent business organizations in harnessing the true potential of this tool. Since the original documentation related to GTM is quite scarce, the articles in Simo’s blog provide great help on this particular topic.

As an active blogger, Simo provides help to users looking for solution related to SEO, Google Analytics and even web development. If users are looking for an authoritative speaker on the topics of web analytics, then they can reach out to Simo on his blog and based on his availability he does opt for such seminars. His lectures on such topics provide guidance to users regarding how to use the benefits of Analytics for their websites or even their businesses.

Apart from being superbly active on his blog, Simo is available on Google+ and as well as Twitter. So anyone looking for guidance and expert comment from Simo; feel free to post across on Twitter or Google+.

His Blogs and Posts

Simo’s blog is a powerhouse of essential information pertaining to aspects of digital marketing, web analytics, etc.

  • Google Tag Manager
  • Analytics
  • Digital Marketing
  • Content Management
  • SEO
  • Web Design and Web Development

Understandably Simo’s blogs could be a guiding star for any individual or organization planning to implement the features of Google Tag Manger to Digital Marketing. The quality of content and their astonishing popularity speaks for itself. The blog features a dedicated section showcasing links on GTM tips.

Simo Ahava

Notable Posts from Simo’s Blog

GA Snippet and GA (GTM) Tag on the Same Page

In this particular post Simo talks about the possibilities of running Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager on the same page

Track Dynamically Loaded YouTube Videos In Google Tag Manager

Tracking YouTube videos can be a tricky affair. However, in terms of video marketing there is no better alternative to YouTube. In this article Simo talks about the use of Google Tag Manager to dynamically load YouTube videos.

#GTMTips: Data Layer Variable Versions Explained

The internal data model of GTM is a bit complicated and requires a bit of help in understanding how to use it effectively. Simo provides tips and tricks regarding the same. This is definitely one of the best blogs providing precise information which could be very crucial for business owners planning to implement GTM.

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