Russell Brunson

Russell Brunson

In this new Internet era when social media marketing and social media strategies seems to be creating a revolution, it’s of paramount importance that your online company implements the latest features of social marketing tactics to stay ahead in the race. The evolution of Google Analytics, Big Data, Data mining and various facets of cross-selling has literally transformed the ways we sold and bought things online. “You need to be smart to sell”. Russell Brunson is one such Internet marketing prodigy, who has been guiding online organizations to scale and promote their business in leaps and bounds.

Born in Utah, Russell stared his first online company while he was still at Boise State University. Soon after graduation, he tasted the heights of success and sold his own products and services worth a few millions in just a span of one year. He leveraged the powers of online business and operated his business, right from his basement.

Russel Brunson

Russell Brunson – Redefining the pathway to success

Russell Brunson, has been topping the popularity charts owing to his fast and furious approach towards designing of internet marketing courses for companies, which are categorically targeted towards beginners, intermediates and expert marketing analytics.

  • Russell self-funded his college education through his internet marketing business. Thereafter he decided to skip a corporate job and continued to grow his business.
  • His first commercially hit product was a DVD that taught people how to build a potato gun. He invested $20 and earned more than $1000 in a month’s selling. The figures kept doubling every month.
  • Russell owns, a company which he formed in 2004 and offers internet marketing coaching courses.
  • Russell has pioneered the strategies for home based internet marketing for several years. In fact many of the highly popular basic level internet marketing tactics are his brain-child.
  • Russell is the creator of few of the most widely used viral marketing software solutions.
  • Russell has been helping startup marketers to escape the rat race and establish a profitable online business on their own.
  • His business grew manifold with over 60 staff members and more than $10 million in revenues.

Russel Brunson

His contribution towards the Web-Analytics Industry

Since the inception of his first self-owned company, Russell has been teaching people on various key topics that constitute the social marketing domain including the web-analytics. PPC, SEO techniques, Email marketing tweaks, affiliate marketing, etc.

  • Affiliate Evolution was a business model that taught affiliates how they could earn commissions up to three or four time from the products they promote.
  • His website “Underachiever Secrets”, taught underachievers on how they could use Analytics and social marketing strategies to turn their relatively unknown websites into a high profit making venture.
  • His 52-week training package which goes by the name “Local Marketing Myth” is one of his most acclaimed works so far.
  • ABC, NBC and FOX news has showcased Russell Brunson for many of his innovation and achievements.

Russell Brunson – His Blogs and Ideas

Russell has been connecting with millions of his fans through some of the most popular and intriguing blogs.  We decided to scoop out few of the trending posts from his blog/website: for your quick reading:

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An interesting take on what you eat and how it affects your daily performance.

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An amazing case study that demonstrates how these two simple words did wonders for business.

  1. What Do You Expect From Yourself?

The secret trick to grow by increasing what you expect from yourself each day.

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