Deep Diving into the Web Analytics World of Justin Cutroni

Jason Cutroni

Have you ever heard of Justin Cutroni?

If not yet, then you are bound to do a Google search on his name and come across the Cutroni blog as one of the first search results.

The noticeable thing here is that Justin Cutroni's LinkedIn, Google+, and Twitter profiles do not turn up at the top in the Google search results.

Instead, it is his blog link that sits right at the top. Clearly, his great expertise, knowledge and immense popularity have made this possible.

Justin Cutroni

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So, who exactly is Justin Cutroni and what does he do?

In this article, we take a look at the profile of Justin Cutroni, his contribution to the web analytics community blog and how he has managed to make a name for himself in the web analytics industry.

Justin Cutroni's Basic Work Profile

Justin has been in the technology consulting field for over a decade. And he is involved in helping companies understand the ways in which they can leverage digital analytics as well as web data to improve their businesses.

He is a web analytics professional who has proven his expertise in this industry by being quite successful as the Analytics Advocate for Google.

You may already know that you have to be really good to work for Google! And, Justin has been excellent for them.

He works closely with the following different teams at Google:

  • Educational teams for driving the content strategy,
  • Sales and marketing teams to promote Google Analytics products, and
  • Product teams to offer real customer feedback on features of Google products.

Basically, he is a vital cog in Google's armor that interacts regularly with senior level management and paves the way for the strategic use of web content.

By being a Google Analytics Certified Partner, Justin has received the necessary authorization to give the Google Analytics Seminar for Success, which is an international training program.

He has also been responsible for successfully conducting various training events in the U.S. and in Europe.

Justin's Contribution to the Web Analytics Community

Justin has made sure that he does not keep his knowledge to himself by being an active participant and contributor to the web analytics community.

He has tried all the possible ways to share his knowledge with the world, including his speeches and his writing (books and blog). Here is how he shares his knowledge:

As a Speaker

He has been a speaker at various industry events, where he has shared his immense analytics-based knowledge.

His entertaining presentation style has made him pretty famous and is a big reason for him being invited to several analytics and online marketing events across the world.

Some examples of such events are Web Analytics Association Symposiums, eMetrics, STRATA online events and several GA user events.

As an Author

Justin has been involved in writing three very popular books which are all based on Google Analytics. These books are as listed below:

Google Analytics (O'Reilly 2007) is an original attempt for Google Analytics shortcuts by Justin who was the only author. This eBook was also translated into French and is still available on the O'Reilly online store.

Performance Marketing with Google Analytics (Wiley 2010) was written by Justin, Sebastian Tonkin and Caleb Whitmore. This book, which is available on Amazon, is intended for people who want to get started with the basics of Google Analytics as well as web analytics.

Google Analytics (O'Reilly 2010) is available on Amazon and is an enhanced version of the 2007 book.

In fact, this one deals with advanced Google Analytics topics, such as custom variables. It has also been translated into Spanish and Portuguese.

As a Blogger

Justin has a very impressive blog called Analytics Talk. It covers Google Analytics for both customization and eCommerce.

Every blog post is quite detailed and provides all the information you need to know about a specific topic. So, you practically don't need to search for any more information on a topic anywhere else.

Some of his blogs that created quite a buzz are:

He also has a separate Speaker Engagement section on this blog. Here, you can check out his previous presentations, podcasts, and so on.

If you are keen to explore the latest Google Analytics updates and tricks, then you must bookmark his blog without hesitation.

It is great that we have people like Justin, who has been quite proactive about sharing his immense knowledge with regard to digital analytics.

So, follow him on Twitter @justincutroni, connect with him on LinkedIn or subscribe to his blog today!

We will feature more web analytics professionals in the coming days. So, keep a watch on this section.

Also, feel free to let me know if you have any favorite professionals and I would be happy to feature them as well. Thanks for reading!

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