Benjamin Mangold

Benjamin Mangold

Analytics is the latest buzzword which has been drawing the attention of business conglomerates. Analytics helps businesses in better understanding of their customers and create user centric solutions. There are some notable visionaries who have propelled the large scale adoption of the idea and implementation. Today we explore one such visionary, Benjamin Mangold.

Benjamin Mangold

Biography - Benjamin Mangold

Benjamin Mangold is one of the pioneers of the web analytics fraternity hailing from Sydney, Australia. He is the co-founder and CEO of a digital and analytics agency called Loves Data, a certified partner of Google Analytics platform. Benjamin has multiple credits added to his name.

A Google certified expert on Google’s Analytics and AdWords, he is the first Google Certified Trainer outside of USA who has been invited by Google to impart knowledge on AdWords and Analytics. An active public speaker, he has regularly featured on almost all of the local and international Google events.

  • Benjamin is an active blogger and regularly blogs at to help user learn about new advancements in the field of marketing and analytics.
  • Benjamin is also the author of the book titled “Learning Google Adwords and Google Analytics”

Benjamin’s importance in Web Analytics

Benjamin’s contribution to web analytics industry as a whole has been immense. He has received generous recommendations from CXO as well as Google for his tireless work on analytics. Benjamin holds a number of specialized certificates on:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google AdWords
  • Optimizely platform.

His continuous learning attitude coupled with holistic experience which Benjamin provides monitors trend and helps businesses react at the right time.

In his book titled Learning Google Adwords and Google Analytics Benjamin has authored an actionable resource or guide which elegantly captures the essence of working with data to improve websites and campaigns.

He has co-authored the book called Google Analytics Integrations with Daniel Waisberg who is the Analytics Advocate at Google. He has also actively imparted training the analytics enthusiasts with various speaking assignments.

Benjamin’s other notable Contribution in the field of Web Analytics

Benjamin has had a humble beginning in to the industry as a web developer to create user centered interfaces. He gradually made a significant mark and got promoted as the analytics director of the organization he started. He increased the conversion rate, added online marketing and evangelized Google Analytics and AdWords program. Currently posted as the CEO of the organization, he creates strategic plans and provides data driven consulting.

Benjamin Mangold

His Blogs and Posts

During early 2013, Benjamin started his blog and named it “Measured Simply”.

  • Measured Simply is a niche digital analytics and online marketing blog.
  • Blogging is not new to Benjamin; he started his first blog, Analytics Results blog in 2007.

Although, Benjamin is an active contributor to his first blog he has shared a lot of valuable information in Measured Simply as well. His blog covers a gamut of information from analytics, business development, digital marketing, Google AdWords, Google Analytics as well as social media and SEO.

Notable posts from Benjamin’s blog

  1. “How to use the Google Analytics App...”

Mobile Apps are now available for Google Analytics on both Android and iOS. In this blog he talks about the effective usage of the App to achieve the best results in Google Analytics.

  1. “Google Analytics Site Search for Analysis & Insights”

This immensely popular blog helps website owners in understanding what people are searching for once they have landed on your site.

  1. “Adding negative keywords improves the performance of your Google AdWords campaigns ...”

Benjamin educates users in techniques to identify negative keywords which helps in improving your CTR (Click Through Rate) and conversions.

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