Vacancy / CRO specialist


I manage an international team of web-analytics and CRO professionals ( and we are hiring one more CRO specialist to join our team.

Our clients are medium-sized businesses and startups mainly from US, Australia and Canada (with traffic of 1,000-100,000 unique visitors a day).

We are searching for a CRO specialist with at least one year of extensive experience in CRO strategy, Google Analytics, creation of testing plans, managing A/B tests in VWO/Optimizely or similar. English language both conversational and written working proficiency is a must as all our clients are English speaking.

Your duties will include:

  • analysis of qualitative and quantitative data and creation of CRO audits containing problems found and hypotheses how to solve those problems
  • creation of testing plans
  • Wireframing A/B testing variations
  • A/B tests management

You won’t have to write any codes or make actual design, but you’ll have to control their creation.

You’ll have a project manager, who will be managing all routine like collecting required information and accesses from client and making sure other team members involved are delivering on schedule.

There will be 6-8 week probation period, where you'll learn how we work, working with several smaller clients with workload of 30-60 hours a month. After successful probation you may start working with bigger and more interesting clients with workload of 80-160 hours a month.

It is remote work with quite flexible working schedule (full or part time) and competitive salary.

If you are interested, send your CV (in a free form) to (with subject "vertising / candidate / CRO specialist") with description why liked this position and why you think you are a great candidate for it.


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