How to track events multiple times per session in Google Analytics

Sometimes you need to track events which may occur multiple times per session and you want them all in your Google Analytics. If you try using Goals for this, you will be disappointed, as Google only shows 1 goal fire per session. In case you need to see total number of events (not the number of sessions during which these events happened), you need to use Custom metrics feature.

Custom metrics feature gives you an ability to create your own metrics and send data to them. Don’t worry, it is really easy!

I’ll show you how to do it on an example. Say, you need to track clicks on paid ads and revenue those clicks generated (so information about each click is crucial).

In our example you need to create 2 custom metrics: “Ad clicks”, “Ad revenue”. Here’s a very simple instruction how to create a custom metric:

For “Ad clicks” metric you need to choose Formatting Type equal to “integer” and for “Ad revenue” - “Currency (Decimal)”.

Done? Great! Now you have 2 freshly cooked custom metrics and you need to populate them with useful data (number of clicks and revenue, of course!). Each time a click on an ad occurs, you need to send 1 to your “Ad clicks” metric and whatever monetary value is applied in your case to “Ad revenue” (let it be 1.5, meaning dollars).

Here’s a tutorial on how to send custom metric data to Google Analytics in 3 different ways (simple, using Google Tag Manager or Measurement protocol.

To see data in your newly created custom metrics, create a custom report. Here’s a step-by-step instruction how to do it:

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