How to link Google Analytics to Google Adwords

How to link Google Analytics to Google AdwordsGoogle Analytics and Google Adwords are both very useful tools for your marketing. Why not use them together to see your advertising, website and business as a whole?

The beauty of linking Google Analytics to Google Adwords is that by doing so you can get a clearer understanding of how your users behave after clicking on your ads, but before they convert. You will learn how to tie the information about your user behavior back to the specific keywords or ads in Google Adwords that generated the visits.

What will you be able to do after linking Google Analytics to Google Adwords? What are the perks?

-         Check your website’s performance and the performance of your ads in one place: in special reports in Google Analytics (the Adwords reports).

-        Check on-site engagement metrics from Google Analytics (bounce rate, average visit duration, pages per visit) in Google Adwords and find out whether your advertising campaigns are driving the right traffic to your website.

-        Enhance your Google Display Network remarketing activities by building unique lists based on Analytics dimensions and metrics (Never before have your ads been personalized to this extent).

-         Make your Analytics reports connected to multi-channel funnels rock with additional data from Google Adwords. Learn what Adwords keywords, ad groups and campaigns initiate or assist the conversions on your website.

-         See your goals and e-commerce transactions from Google Analytics in the interface of Google Adwords (in the Adwords conversion tracking). As a bonus, if you are using Adwords Conversion Optimizer to manage your bids, it will automatically start using the goals and e-commerce information from Google Analytics right after they have been imported into your Adwords account (meaning more and more conversions for your business).

-         Acquire additional data to optimize your campaigns in Google Adwords.

-         Make more informed business decisions.

How to link Google Analytics to Google Adwords? And how to check that you have linked them correctly?

  1. Sign in to your Google Analytics account, go to the Admin tab on the page header, select there the account that contains the property you want to link with your Google Adwords account (a) and the property itself (b) and then go to AdWords Linking (c):how-to-link-google-analytics-2
  2. In Adwords Linking, you will need to select the Adwords accounts you would like to link with your property in Google Analytics:how-to-link-google-analytics-3
  3. Click the button “Continue”.
  4. In the section “Link configuration” you should assign a name to your group of linked Adwords accounts in the field “Link group title.”how-to-link-google-analytics-4
  5. Select the views of Google Analytics in which you want the data from Google Adwords to be available.
  6. Click the button “Link accounts” and enjoy the benefits of Google Analytics and Google Adwords working together.

Good to know: the difference between Adwords clicks and sessions in Google Analytics

Please, note that there is a difference between Adwords clicks and sessions in Google Analytics:

  • The number of Adwords clicks shows you how many times your ads were clicked by your users.
  • The number of Sessions indicates how many unique sessions were initiated by your users.


What’s the trick here? Sometimes these two numbers may not match. Why can it happen?

For example, a user would like to find the lowest price and the best deal and clicks several times on your ad in the same session. The analytical reports show you several Adwords clicks but only one session.

There can also be an “inside out” story: a user clicks on your ad and later returns directly to the site through a bookmark, and the analytical reports show you 1 Adwords click and multiple sessions.

If a user clicks on your ad and then prevents a full load of the page (presses the “Stop” button in the browser, navigates to another page or, who knows, has a sudden computer failure), there will be 0 sessions recorded and 1 Adwords click.

Invalid clicks automatically hidden from your reports in Google Adwords are still included as sessions in your reports in Google Analytics so that you can see the whole picture of your incoming traffic volume.

What are the pitfalls of linking Google Analytics to Google Adwords?

-        To complete the link you will need to obtain an Edit permission for the property in Google Analytics and an Administrative access for the account in Google Adwords. However, it is not a problem at all as, after you have finished the linking process, you can modify or remove these permissions.

-        During the linking process auto-tagging will be enabled for all of the Adwords accounts that you have linked. If you want to manually tag your Adwords links, you will have to check the Advanced settings in Step 5 of the linking process described above.

-       It takes some effort to create a smooth link. Still, as you can see from the “perks” part of this article, it is worth doing.

You can always refer to Google support pages to check if you are making the integration correctly:

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