What Are External Account Links in Google Tag Manager?

what-are-external-1With external account links in Google Tag Manager, you can approve link requests from a DoubleClick Campaign Manager and approve activities as they are pushed to the container. This eliminates the need to use the Google Tag Manager interface to add DoubleClick Floodlight Counter and DoubleClick Floodlight Sales tags to containers.

How to Approve Link Requests

From a container in the Google Tag Manager interface, head to “Admin” and find “Approval Queue” followed by “Overview. If you are already in Google Tag Manager and “Approval Queue” does not appear in the navigation, refresh your browser.

You will notice a category called “External Account Links,” where you will find all link requests. Choose the name of the external account you want and click “Approve.” You can also find existing account links. This involves heading to “External Account Links” under “Admin” and then “Overview.” You can unlink DoubleClick Campaign Manager from the container by clicking the external account name and then choosing “Delete Link.”

How to Approve Activities

You can also approve activities from a container. For this, again starting in “Admin” in the GTM interface, you will need to head to “Approval Queue” and then “Tags.” Find the activity name you want, make modifications to the tag, and click “Approve.” Just like the other changes you make to your containers, you need to publish the activities pushed from DoubleClick Floodlight Manager for the changes to apply.

Mobile Floodlight Activities

Approving mobile Floodlight activities is much like the above, but there are a few differences you need to be aware of.

For one thing, you need to create a container just for mobile activities — in addition to your web-based Floodlight tags. Use this container to link to DoubleClick Campaign Manager.

Another thing to note is that when you receive tags, you may receive specific instruction detailing the conditions of how they should fire. You may need to configure some mobile-specific settings. If you want the tag to fire just once over the lifetime of the app, you need to configure unrepeatable settings. You may also need to configure firing rules to ensure the activity is tied to a firing rule in GTM.

Approvals in Tag Manager 360

If you have an account in Tag Manager 360, there are different approvals for external account links functionality for containers. Users at Edit level access are able to request approval changes. Users at Approve or Publish level access can take action on these requests.

Plus, users requesting approval can assign someone to review their request and leave a comment to provide instructions or context. If you choose to forgo assigning a user, anyone with Approve or Publish access can take action.

How to request approval

If you are a user with Edit access, you can request approval by clicking the “Submit” button in the top right corner. You will be presented with a new screen, where you will see the options to publish the container, save a version of the container, or request approval. Choose the last of these three.what-are-external-2To select a user to review your approval request, click “Choose Approver.” You can also add a comment. Otherwise, skip these stages and just click “Request.”

How to approve requests

By heading to the “Approvals” tab, you can see all the approval requests for any container. As well as external account links and requests to add tags for DoubleClick Campaign Manager, you will see requests to publish workspaces.

All requests pending approval feature an indicator. A blue circle means that the request pending approval is assigned to another user or available to anyone. A red circle means that someone assigned the request to you.

Also in the “Approvals” tab, you can approve and reject requests. Select the entry you want to examine. A new window will appear with the details of the request. Here, if no one is assigned to manage the request, you can also select a user. You can also add feedback by clicking “Add Comment.” Finally, you can “Approve” or “Send Back” the request — the latter will allow the original user to make the necessary edits.

By utilizing external account links in GTM, you simplify the approval process. This is extra helpful if you are using Tag Manager 360, as it allows you to take advantage of different access levels.

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