Share Assets Functionality

In Google Analytics, there are features which help you customize your data analysis. These configuration tools that help you create custom data like Goals, Custom reports, Custom segments, Custom attributions, and Custom channel groupings are called Assets.

Assets are shareable, but you have to edit permissions if you want to opt for share assets functionality. These assets are created at the reporting view level and are managed from there.


When the “Share Assets” option is clicked, a list of reports, segments, and attributions associated with your profile is loaded. This list can be sorted by type, name or date of creation of the assets. You can choose any of the assets you want to share from this list.

Check the asset and then the “share” button will be enabled. Assets can be shared one at a time if they belong to specific asset menu, or more than one asset can be shared by you at the same time.


When you click the share button, two options are given to you:

  • Share a template link of your property, and
  • Share it using the solutions gallery.

You should opt for the first option if you want to share the asset with particular or specific people.

If you choose this option, your asset will be shared through a template link. A new pop up will be shown. This window consists of a unique URL. This link should be copied and can be shared by pasting it in emails or in any other form of communication.


If you want to share your asset or assets publically, share it in the Google Solutions Gallery by choosing the second option.

Sharing an asset using any of the two options doesn’t affect your or your data’s privacy. When an asset is shared, only its configuration information is copied and shared. Your control over your privacy and data is maintained as neither your Google Analytics account data nor your personal information is shared when you share the asset.

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