How to Use Google Data Studio with AdWords


It is easy to connect AdWords to Google Data Studio — Google provides you with a built-in connector. This enables you to access your advertising performance data and share more visually-pleasing reports with clients.

Connecting to an Individual Account

When you sign in to Google Data Studio, you’ll arrive at your “Reports” home page. Change to the “Data Sources” home page by clicking this option, found at the left of the screen. Then, click the “+” at the bottom right corner and choose “AdWords connector.” You may need to give Google Data Studio access to your account by clicking “Authorize.”

Next, click “All Accounts” and find the account you want. If you have many, you can search by account ID or name.

Choose “Overall Account Fields” to combine all your AdWords fields for a single customer account in a list. Like this, you’ll be able to combine dimensions and metrics in all your AdWords reports in Google Data Studio.

Finally, click “Connect,” which you’ll find in the upper right corner of the screen. The data source field panel will appear and the data source will connect to the data set.

Connecting to an MCC Account

If you have an AdWords manager (MCC) account, follow the instructions above, but select “Manager Accounts” in the account panel. If you have already created manager account-based data sources, you can refresh the data source to your MCC account to migrate the sources to the new connector. To do this, after editing the data source, click “Refresh Fields” in the bottom left and then select “Apply.”

Create a Report

With the data source set up, you can start creating reports. You’ll find this option in the upper right of the screen. In the report editor that appears, click “Add to Report” to add the data source. You can then create charts and controls.

Enhanced MCC Support

Initially, it was difficult to create reports for multiple clients, but Google later added enhanced support for MCC users. Previously, account managers had to select the entire MCC; now, you can choose individual and multiple sub-accounts to be data sources. This is possible for up to 50 sub-accounts with an MCC account.

Another newer function is the filtering of currencies. Whereas it was always simple to aggregate most metrics across sub-accounts, this was impossible for metrics like cost and average CPC when sub-accounts had different currencies. The enhanced AdWords connector overcomes this problem, allowing you to filter by currency. Plus, if you want to use multiple sub-accounts with more than one currency, the connector will simply remove the currency fields.

With new features being added all the time, Google Data Studio is always becoming more worthwhile. Connect your AdWords account now to start generating meaningful reports.

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