Google Analytics for Tracking Technical Performance of the Site and Issues

Besides a number of other things relevant for running a successful business, one of them may not be that obvious but may definitely cause you problems. This one is poor performance of your website. Think about it. If your website performance is poor, that will influence user experience, which, you will agree, directly influences sales and the profit your business makes.
Hopefully, we can use Google Analytics since it offers useful reports which may help us track the performance of our sites. Namely, Google Analytics has this great Behavior section where you can find two useful sub-sections, Page Timings and Speed Suggestions.

Page Timings Section

This section is especially useful because it provides you with lots of data, so take your time to explore it. For instance, you can compare the average page load time vs. pageviewes (you will have to go to the Explorer tab), and you will get the information about any spikes in average page load times. As you can see below, although pageviews were the same as usual for that part of the week, there was a spike in the average page load times. But why is all this important? Simply because you can use this information about the performance of your site to identify what caused a slowdown and avoid that to happen in the future.


As you move down this Page Timings section, you may see different options. For instance, you can click Other > Users > Country. To switch to the grid view, click on the grid icon. If you take a look at the image below, you will see that the report shows that for the users from the US, the page load time is much faster than the average. However, although users from India are on the second place when it comes to pageviews, they have to wait longer for the site to load. This information can be used wisely so that, for instance, you may consider offering a version of your site that is easier to download for those users who experience slow page load times.


Speed Suggestions Section

What makes Google Analytics a great tool for improving the performance of your site is this Speed Suggestion section. Here, you will get some suggestions on how to improve the performance of individual pages.

When you go to this section, you will see a table that lists the most popular pages. Besides the pageviews, the average load time for each page is also included. If a page has a score of 100, it means that nothing should be changed to improve the page performance optimization. Lower scores are also relevant because they show you that pages have a potential for improvement. What is important here is that you can find a link leading you to some real-world suggestions that you should follow to improve page load times.


This quick overview of two features you can find in the Behavior section should give you an idea of how Google Analytics can be wisely used to improve your business. Hopefully, this will lead you to explore Google Analytics on your own and get familiar with a variety of its features you may use to track and monitor the performance of your site.

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