Calculated Metrics Feature

What is Calculated Metrics?

It is basically user-defined metrics created using the pre-existing metrics. It helps us to create custom metrics which helps in better analysis and enable to take better informed decisions.

Calculated Metrics gives you the flexibility to perform basic metrics calculation based on the standard metrics in Google Analytics without exporting data into Excel or any other external program. The calculated data aligns better with your measurement needs and helps you answer the important questions that drive action much easier.

The free version of Google Analytics allow you only 5 calculated metrics per view. On the other hand, with Premium Google Analytics you get 50 calculated metrics per view.

How to create calculated metrics?

The Setup

  1. Go to the Admin tab.
  2. Navigate to the view you want to set the metrics for.
  3. Click on the Calculate Metrics.
  4. Click on the “New Calculated Metric” button.
  5. Set up your metric.

The creation

Populate the following fields and click the “Create” button to create your metric.

Name: Name should be descriptive. It will appear in the Metric selector for custom reports.

External Name: Its gets automatically filled based upon the value entered in the Name field. It can be changed only from the recommendation during creation but not after it.

Formatting Type:

  • Integer (with customizable decimal places)
  • Currency (Decimal)
  • Time
  • Float
  • Percentage (with customizable decimal places)

Formula: A list of predefined metrics can be used to create a formula. Formulas are limited to 1024 characters. The accepted operators include:

  • Plus (+)
  • Minus (-)
  • Divided by (/)
  • Multiplied by (*)
  • Parenthesis
  • Positive cardinal numbers (0-9) can include decimals

Using the minus operator as a negative is not supported.

Using Calculated Metrics in Google Analytics

One can access the the calculated metrics results in custom reports, custom dashboards and widgets, and unsampled reports.


Examples of some awesome calculated metrics

These are one of the best calculated and the most used metrics on e-commerce websites.

1. Revenue per user

  • Name: Revenue per user
  • External Name: {automatically populated}
  • Formatting Type: Currency (Decimal)
  • Formula: {{Revenue}} / {{Number of users}}

2. Revenue after refunds

  • Name: Revenue after refunds
  • External Name: {automatically populated}
  • Formatting Type: Currency (Decimal)
  • Formula: {{Revenue}} - {{Refund Amount}}

3. Currency conversion

  • Name: Revenue from GBP to EUR
  • External Name: {automatically populated}
  • Formatting Type: Currency (Decimal)
  • Formula: {{Revenue}} * 1.27 (or according to the exchange rate at the time of conversion)

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