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What is ‘Browser & OS’ Report in Google Analytics?

Browser & OS data help us identify the technologies used by the visitors to reach and browse through our website. The report can be used to analyze the website consumption in different versions of browsers and OS. You can compare the metrics like bounce rate etc. to each browser and operating systems.

You can access the ‘Browser & OS’ data under Audience -> Technology

Browser Details:

Operating System Details:

Why this Report is Useful?

This report is helpful while making a decision about website revamp as well as to improve the performance of current website. We can analyze the data to check usability and identify technical issues.

For example, if your website does not support a version of internet explorer, you can see a high bounce rate for the visits form that particular browser. This gives us an insight on the importance of making your website easily accessible to the different version of browsers.

Additional Options:

In addition to the browser and operating system details, there are also a few other details available in the ‘Technology’ dimension.

Screen Resolution: Screen resolution of visitors’ monitor.

Screen Colors: The screen color depths of visitors’ monitor

Flash Version: The different versions of flash supported by the visitors’ browsers, including minor versions.

Java Support: Differentiates visits from browsers with and without(Yes or No) Java enabled.

Usage Examples:

So when and why might you use them?

  1. Testing new functionality in website.
  2. Proving why you need a responsive design – see how many different Screen Resolutions there are.
  3. Testing on newly released devices/software.
  4. Building a new site – understanding what technology to build for.
  5. Making decisions about trying different layouts to the website
  6. To understand the reasons for drops in traffic / conversions.
  7. Proving to the web developers why we still have to build sites that work in old Internet Explorer versions.

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