Behavior Flow and User Flow

1) Behavior Flow Report

Have you ever questioned how users interact with your website once they have arrived? Which page they start on and how they navigate around your site, clicking from one page to another? If you are interested in understanding what kind of content keeps users engaged with your site, then Google Analytics Behavior Flow Report can help you answer these questions and many more!

Behavior Flow Report also allows you to drill down to individual pages to see how users travel from one page to another page, and where they exit your site.


You must have established and should be tracking Events* before they are visible in the Behavior Flow Report. The more structured you are about setting up the Event tracking code, the easier it is to use the Page and Events or Events views of the Behavior Flow Report.

*If you haven't set up any event you can follow this link to set up a few of them


For Universal Analytics

How Do You Access the Behavior Flow Report?

To access the Behavior Flow Report:

  • Log in to Google Analytics.
  • Navigate to Reporting tab.
  • Select Behavior Flow, under Behavior from the left navigation.


You can view the type selector at the top of the report to see user movement between Departments, Page Type, Events, or both Pages and Events.


The best part about the Behavior Flow Report is that you can also highlight or explore traffic through a specific page as well.

2) User Flow Report

A user flow is a sequence of web pages that define a visitor. It includes the steps that a user performs to complete the task or to navigate the website, during a website visit. This report also shows the drop-off points where users exited the site along their path.

The Users Flow Report helps you compare volumes of traffic from various sources, examine traffic behavior through your site, and troubleshoot the effectiveness of your site.

How Do You Access The User Flow Report?

To view the User Flow Report:

  • You should be logged in to Google Analytics.
  • Navigate to Reporting tab.
  • Select User Flow, under Audience from the left navigation.

How is the User Flow Report Useful?

The Users Flow graphical visualization lets you see:

  • The comparative volume of traffic to your site by the dimension you select (e,g., Country, Source/Medium, Campaign, Browser etc.)
  • The qualified volume of pageviews per page or set of pages
  • Specific metrics for connections, node exits and nodes when you hover over them


The graph below shows the user flow for people from different countries. You can also change this to anything (such as Browsers, Traffic Source/Medium, Device Category etc.).

You can explore and highlight the flow, and you will quickly see your top paths. Here the user flow aligns with the order of the pieces in the main navigation. The objectives of visitors and the purposes of the business are both united through this path.


The User Flow Report is almost similar to the Behavior Flow Report. The User Flow Report is dedicated to the pages your users visit, although the Behavior Flow Report also includes Events and Content Groupings.

Let’s understand how to use the report:

The default view of User Flow report includes the “country” dimension, showing the user flow for people from different countries. You can change this to any dimension listed in the dropdown (such as Campaign, Browser, Traffic Source or Medium).

For example, if you want to user flow from different sources like Email, Paid Search, Organic Search etc...). Select Medium from the drop down to see what user path originates from different sources.


  • Green rectangle boxes are pages (also called “nodes”). You will see the pages are labeled as URLs. Home page is denoted as “/”.
  • Curved gray lines (highlighted in the above image) show visitors moving from page to page.
  • Red lines at the end of rectangular box towards bottom shows what percentage of visitors exited from that page.
  • The first column is the starting pages, the next is the first interaction pages, send interaction and so on (i.e. the user’s next page flow from the starting page)


The great thing about User Flow Report is that it allows you to see if your visitors are finding and viewing the important information/content on your site.

Behavior Flow Report gives you an insider’s look into what pathways your users take to land on your site. This report provides details about the first page they viewed and the last one they visited.

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