How to filter spam from Google Analytics in 3 minutes

Lately I’ve seen many jobs appearing on Elance and Upwork, where the only task is to filter out analytics spam from Google Analytics.

Google Analytics spam is a relatively new type of internet scam, where fraudsters make you think you have visits from their sites. Sometimes, looking at your referrals (or events) report you can see URL's of some sites you don't know anything about. Out of curiosity you visit these sites, giving ability for fraudsters to earn some money on advertising or other monetisation techniques. Fraudsters are using Google Analytcs Measurement protocol for these links to appear in your reports.

Good news is that eliminating most of this type of spam is 3 minutes work and don’t require hiring a specialist. Here’s the simplest instruction showing how to exclude analytics spam from your Google Analytics in 3 simple steps.

  1. Go to your Google Analytics admin panel and click “Filters” in View section: Filter Google Analytics spam
  2. Click on “New filter”: bmoO37qSYXeWmy
  3. Use settings from the screenshot below, changing “” to your domain name: l2ZVPD5uPNX42J
    Or if you are using several domain names, you can use these settings (separating one domain name from another by "|" symbol and screening dots by backslash):
  4. Enjoy! No more analytics spam in your Google Analytics.

A couple of notes:

  1. The filters don’t work retrospectively, meaning that they will filter only spam which was trying to get into your Google Analytics after the filter was created. The spam you already have in old data will stay with you forever, so the sooner you start using this filter, the better.
  2. I recommend having 3 views in your Google Analytics property: “master” (your main view, with which you work while analyzing data), “test” (the view you are applying filters and other settings before pushing them to “master” to be sure they won’t skew your data) and unfiltered (the view where you’ll have all data, coming into your Google Analytics; just in case).

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