WhichTestWon Review

WhichTestWon ReviewAre you a marketing chief whose specialty is an exquisite conversion lift based on the results of marketing testing? Then WhichTestWon.com will be like a cookbook for you.

The biggest collection of testing case studies in the world

WhichTestWon.com was developed mainly for educational and inspirational purposes. More than 635 real-life tests are stored in the website’s library of tests and are available on a subscription basis to marketers from all over the world. Digital marketing specialists can learn from WhichTestWon.com what A/B and multivariate testing activities may be applicable to their digital products (websites, landing pages, etc.).

For example, you cannot decide what color to choose for your opt-in form template. You think that A/B testing may be a good option and go to WhichTestWon.com. Here you can browse the case studies by many different categories: by industry, by element tested, by conversion goals, by page or campaign tested or even by brand. Whether your interest centers on testing for e-commerce, an email campaign or a B2B landing page, it is very easy to find the best testing ideas for your website.

Another example of how WhichTestWon.com can be useful for you is when your boss or your client would like you to prove that A/B testing isn’t a waste of time and money. You can show them the results of the best A/B tests published at WhichTestWon.com. which-testwon-review-2You can vote for Version A or Version B of the test at WhichTestWon.com and, after the test is finished, see the real-life data. You can participate in the discussion with your testing peers in the comments or leave your email for a free weekly subscription with the most interesting and motivating test results.

The last but not the least example of how WhichTestWon.com can help your company is using it to enhance your HR brand. When your company is chosen as a provider of a case study for WhichTestWon.com, you win the trust of marketers from the testing community throughout the world. Attending the public events organized by WhichTestWon.com as your company’s representative can help you reach the best experts in the field of marketing.

8 facts about WhichTestWon.com

  1. WhichTestWon.com provides digital marketers with loads of free information resources, from white papers on what and how to test and monthly webinars held by the testing experts to an official report on the state of the online testing market.
  2. At WhichTestWon.com, you can find a service provider to conduct an A/B test.
  3. Another good use of WhichTestWon (besides sharpening your testing skills) is to communicate the tempting test results to your boss or your clients. You can convince them to conduct an A/B or a multivariate test.
  4. WhichTestWon.com holds the offline conference on testing BEHAVE on an annual basis.
  5. You can submit the results of your test as a case study to WhichTestWon. Still, it may take some time before it is published. The editors do not publish case studies immediately. They put a lot of effort (hours of research!) into checking that all the tests submitted for publication are complying with the best marketing practices.
  6. Before WhichTestWon.com, Anne Holland founded MarketingSherpa, a flagship blog on digital marketing case studies with areadership of more than 250,000 marketers around the world.
  7. You can buy a membership at WhichTestWon.com individually or as a group. The standard offer is for groups of up to 3 people, but offers for larger groups are also available upon request.
  8. It costs only $1 to gain access to the test library for a 14-day trial period.

To sum up, WhichTestWon.com provides marketers with valuable information about A/B testing and multivariate testing with which you may get the most out of website optimization.

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