Web-analytics personas

Jim Sterne Interview

An Exclusive Interview with Jim Sterne, Renowned Digital Analytics Expert Jim Sterne has been called the godfather of web analytics. Joining the industry at the beginning of the 90s, he has not only built a successful consultancy practice, but started the eMetrics Summit, which over the years has gathered thousands of online marketing professionals, as... Continue reading

Jakob Nielsen - Redefining the Trends in Usability Engineering

Dr. Jakob Nielsen is a web utility consultant and was the first to introduce the concepts related to human-computer interaction. He was the founder of the “Discount usability engineering” movement, which literally revolutionized the designing of modern day User Interface remarkably faster and cheaper. Discount Usability Engineering is a method of usability evaluation based on... Continue reading

Simo Ahava

Web analytics has come a long way in shaping the world of digital marketing and online business model. Organizations are benefitting tremendously from real time analytical models in creating better leads, improving on product quality or service based on customer feedback and creating effective marketing campaigns to improve sales and productivity. There are numerous experts... Continue reading

Russell Brunson

In this new Internet era when social media marketing and social media strategies seems to be creating a revolution, it’s of paramount importance that your online company implements the latest features of social marketing tactics to stay ahead in the race. The evolution of Google Analytics, Big Data, Data mining and various facets of cross-selling... Continue reading

Benjamin Mangold

Analytics is the latest buzzword which has been drawing the attention of business conglomerates. Analytics helps businesses in better understanding of their customers and create user centric solutions. There are some notable visionaries who have propelled the large scale adoption of the idea and implementation. Today we explore one such visionary, Benjamin Mangold. Biography -... Continue reading