Practical Google Analytics with Google Tag Manager

Event Tracking in Google Analytics with Google Tag Manager

Event tracking is one of those Google Analytics features which marketers and conversion rate optimization experts keep an eye on. There’s a lot to track on a website. Unlike traditional event tracking methods which requires hard-coding each click, Google Tag Manager has an Auto-Event Tracking functionality to make the process simpler. In this post, we... Continue reading

Google Analytics to Google Tag Manager migration checklist

Google Tag Manager is a powerful tool which, among other things, helps marketing people communicate less with developers, when they need to implement an advertising pixel, conversion tracking or some Google Analytics code (which is always painful and lasts weeks or even months, if you have to work with the developers on board, who are... Continue reading

3 ways to send data to custom metrics in Google Analytics

Using Google Analytics may be challenging when it comes to something which is not implemented by default. Good news is that Google Universal Analytics lets you do a lot of stuff which is not there by default. For example, create your own metrics. In this tutorial I’ll show you how to populate custom metrics with... Continue reading