Practical Google Analytics with Google Tag Manager

What Are customTasks and How Do You Use Them with Google Analytics?

Using the advanced feature customTasks, you can access a model object mid-tag. This allows you to modify the payload that is dispatched to Google Analytics. In other words, you can customize how analytics.js validates, constructs, and sends measurement protocol requests. Each task is implemented as a JavaScript function with input of a single model parameter.... Continue reading

Importance of Form Field Tracking and Form Validation

Apart from tracking conversions, newsletter signups and user behavior, think of the most important actions a customer can perform on your site. Registration of a new account, making an inquiry about a product and services, filling out a delivery address and billing information. Each of these extremely important actions is made through forms, which means:... Continue reading

Ultimate List of the Top GTM Resources (GAGTM)

Anything that makes your life easy is of immense value to you, right? Google Tag Manager (GTM) is one such high-value tool that makes things easier for businesses and data-driven marketing managers. It enables you to perform effective tracking, analytics, debugging of websites and more by dynamically inserting tags (i.e., snippets of code) into the... Continue reading

How to Control Sample Rate and Page Views Using GTM

When they work correctly, site speed reports in Google Analytics provide you with priceless information. You receive automatic report milestones as the browser renders content. Usually, this data is collected on the first page view hit of a page, utilizing the Navigation Timing API. This should allow you to notice any issues in the client–server... Continue reading