An Inspirational biography of Internet Marketing Guru Frank Kern

Stories of people who struggled, faced rejections, and finally succeeded always inspire us. Don't they?

Well, that is why you would love to know about Frank Kern, the internet marketing guru.

It is the success story of a smart entrepreneur, internet marketer, and business consultant. He has earned fame by selling different types of online content. Besides earning a fortune, he has also made contributions to the web analytics industry.

Frank Kern

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So, what was the turning point in Frank's life that led him to climb up the internet marketing ladder so fast?

In this article, we will look at Frank's work, and discuss some of his top products that earned him a fortune. We will also introduce you to Frank Kern's blog.

Frank Kern's Basic Work Profile

He is one of the highest paid internet marketing consultant and copywriter. With his knowledge and research, he has launched the most lucrative online marketing campaigns.

His business acumen, along with his internet marketing expertise, has earned him clients worldwide. His esteemed clients include celebrities, entrepreneurs, authors, and many such A-listers.

Frank's Inspiration

Frank's achievements are special because he was far off from success during his early days. He worked as a door-to-door salesman and did not enjoy great success.

He drew inspiration from Tony Robbins tapes that made him believe that it is possible to make money online.

He believes that anything is possible. He feels the most important thing to become successful is to help others and solve their problems.

Biggest Breakthrough That Turned Frank Kern's Career

He performed an online research to understand the massive demand from parrot owners to know how they can make their parrots talk.

So, he hired a writer for $650 from Elance for writing an ebook titled 'Teach your parrot to talk'. This ebook helped him to build an income stream of $3000 per month.

This was the biggest boost that he needed to turn things around. He has never looked back ever since.

The success with parrot made Frank focus on other pets. With an understanding that dogs respond well to positive reinforcement, he developed a course for 600 different breeds of dogs.

He used the same book for all breeds, but different websites (one website per dog breed). It may sound like a simple business approach, but it proved to be a masterstroke by fetching him almost $1 million between 2005 and 2006.

Frank's Contribution to Web Analytics Community

The immense success of Frank's online products and services has earned him the title of 'Internet Marketing Guru.' The best part is that he believes in sharing knowledge with the world. He started teaching about ways to make money online.

He holds live seminars to spread his thoughts, and shares marketing -based videos to engage his audience. He has started his own blog to reach out to a larger audience.

The blog is all about sharing online marketing tips as well as promoting his products. Some of Frank’s top selling products are:

  • Mass Control
  • List Control
  • Annihilation Method (based on dating advice for men)
  • Pipeline Profits (email campaign)
  • StomperNet
  • Serializer Seminar
  • Mass Conversion

StomperNet was the most lucrative product that generated $18.3 million in less than 24 hours. Mass Conversion is the latest information product launched by Frank (in 2014).

It is fascinating to know people like Frank Kern, who have not only tasted success, but are also sharing their knowledge to educate others.

You can follow him on his Facebook page or subscribe to his YouTube channel to get all the latest tips.

So, have you read Frank's blogs before? Who is your favorite digital marketer or web analytics persona? Please feel free to leave your comments below.


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