About me

Hi, my name is Tony

I'm a digital nomad, passionate about astronomy.

I manage InsightWhale.com, a data-driven marketing firm and co-founded Value.to, a startup working in the tokenization space.

You can find me on LinkedIn.



My story

My story begins on 12 September, 2012, when I left office job in Moscow and completely changed my life. That was the time when I started to make my dreams come true.

No, I didn't become a monk, just fooling around

5 months in Goa, India, which was a good start to brace up after being stuck in the city doing the same thing, years after it stopped giving happiness. And the first dream of living in another country came true.

5 months traveling around Europe on a motorcycle right after India and my second dream came true. 12,000 kilometers of road meditation.

Somewhere on the road to Bolognia

Starting capoeira which alone makes many dreams come true.

Living a nomad life. Searching for and finding people who inspire me, hunting for amazing stories of lives. Admiring the wonders life has in store for you and the fact how easy to get them.

Working and getting back the happiness work should give. The same happiness I felt when I was starting my first business 10 years back.

Update from December 2017:

In the end of 2015 I went to Brazil to practice capoeira for 3 months... and stayed there for 1.5 years, learning dance called forro.

During those 1.5 years I also mastered Portuguese language on a good conversational level.

In 2017, having spent 2 months in Russia after the trip in Brazil, I went to US for the first time. I planned to scale my Vertising business (web-analytics and conversion rate optimization) there, but I couldn't even imagine how deep will I dive into work. During 5 months in US not only did I scale Vertising business, but also got deeply involved in Blockchain industry. That led to a new business, which I called InsightCryp.to (marketing, project management and advisory services for companies starting their ICO campaigns). During 2017-2018 I helped 3 companies raise total of us$50,000,000.

I love discovering anything new. People, emotions, ideas, capabilities of body and mind. New thrills me. When I'm astonished, I feel I'm alive.

In this blog I will be writing about everything which is inside my sphere of interest: data science, remote work, nomad life, capoeira and some bits of my philosophy.

I cannot tell I have some sacred knowledge, but I can definitely share what I am learning, once I changed my life to the way I want it to be.

You are free to share any thoughts and ideas you are getting while reading my blog. You can find me on Facebook or write me an email to 42@stony.me.

Also you can read/listen to some more details of my nomadic lifestyle, remote team management and other business related thoughts here: