Hello. My name is Tony Simonovsky
and I am a digital nomad.a capoerista.a dreamer.
I live a nomad life, changing places every 1-2 months, work as an independent web-analytics and conversion rate optimization specialist and do capoeira. My blog is about all this and about my way of making dreams come true.

Overview The Adwords Conversion tracking will allow you to track results for your Google AdWords placements. You can see how efficiently your ad clicks lead to valuable users activity, such as purchases, newsletter subscription, phone calls, app downloads, and more. The setup process depends on the of conversion you’re tracking, so the initial step in... Continue reading

Everyone in the digital marketing sphere has heard of Neil Patel. He is the founder of Quick Sprout and the co-founder of three more essentials tools — Crazy Egg, KISSmetrics, and Hello Bar. He also writes constantly on the subject of web analytics to share his knowledge with a wider audience. Born in London, Patel... Continue reading

Does your website cater to a local, hyper local, national or global audience? Well… in any case, it would prove useful for you to know the behavioral differences among the users of the different regions. This is where Google Analytics can help! Google Analytics can prove useful for the following reasons: There may be certain... Continue reading

Content is king, even today, right? But, if you keep adding content to your website, without evaluating its performance, you may fall short of your goal to have large volumes of traffic or visitors. You may use different content marketing strategies, but they may not be highly effective unless you have a clear understanding of... Continue reading

Although Google AdWords offers conversion tracking to analyze customer activity, you also have the option of accessing your Google Analytics goals. At first glance, the two choices may seem very similar, but there are some distinct advantages to opting for GA goals. This guide explains the differences between the two options and will teach you... Continue reading

Wheely is a Russian-based taxi service company operating the Wheely mobile app in London, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Sochi, Kazan, Yekaterinburg and Perm. The headquarters are located in Moscow. The founder is Anton Chirkunov. According to Wheely’s business model, the number of taxi drivers influences the amount of the company’s revenue. To employ drivers from various... Continue reading

What is your monthly website traffic? Hundreds, thousands or millions of visitors? Well, regardless of the number, it will not matter if none of the visitors convert. You may not want visitors who just come to your site and leave without doing what you intend for them to do. The success of your website may... Continue reading

Are you a marketing chief whose specialty is an exquisite conversion lift based on the results of marketing testing? Then WhichTestWon.com will be like a cookbook for you. The biggest collection of testing case studies in the world WhichTestWon.com was developed mainly for educational and inspirational purposes. More than 635 real-life tests are stored in... Continue reading

We are living in a data-driven era and so we keep hearing about the terrific innovations made possible by data science week after week. Last week was no different! So, let's take a detailed look at a few stories from last week that showcase the impact of data science in a healthcare organization, such as... Continue reading

1. HIV test An HIV test gives a positive result with probability 98% when the patient is indeed affected by HIV, while it gives a negative result with 99% probability when the patient is not affected by HIV. If a patient is drawn at random from a population in which 0,1% of individuals are affected... Continue reading