Hello. My name is Tony Simonovsky
and I am a digital nomad.a capoerista.a dreamer.
I live a nomad life, changing places every 1-2 months, work as an independent web-analytics and conversion rate optimization specialist and do capoeira. My blog is about all this and about my way of making dreams come true.

Setting up Enhanced Ecommerce with Google Tag Manager (GTM) requires two fundamental things: time and will. Why? Because implementing it is not an easy task; the process widely varies depending on your shopping cart and CMS, making the implementation more difficult. There is no list of specific instructions you need to follow to make Enhance... Continue reading

For those marketers, analysts and entrepreneurs that have a user-centric measurement approach and are always seeking to have a holistic view of their user’s purchase journey, they probably know and use User ID feature in Google Analytics. This post is going to be very useful to really know how your visitors engage with your content,... Continue reading

You may have thousands of good leads visiting your site. But, if they do not come back to your portal again, much of your effort is unproductive. Even if you own a blog, you would want as many visitors as possible to convert to regular readers by subscribing to your newsletter. The focus of your... Continue reading

Dr. Jakob Nielsen is a web utility consultant and was the first to introduce the concepts related to human-computer interaction. He was the founder of the “Discount usability engineering” movement, which literally revolutionized the designing of modern day User Interface remarkably faster and cheaper. Discount Usability Engineering is a method of usability evaluation based on... Continue reading

Have we ever introspected what could have led to the success story of iPod – probably the most important of technological innovations in terms of consumer usage in the last 2 decades? Nothing but a detailed study of the current consumer behavior and a deep understanding of the consumer psyche as far as the need... Continue reading

We are living in a data-driven era and so we keep hearing about the terrific innovations made possible by data science week after week. Last week was no different! So, let's take a detailed look at a few stories from last week that showcase the impact of data science in a healthcare organization, such as... Continue reading

1. HIV test An HIV test gives a positive result with probability 98% when the patient is indeed affected by HIV, while it gives a negative result with 99% probability when the patient is not affected by HIV. If a patient is drawn at random from a population in which 0,1% of individuals are affected... Continue reading

One of the areas, in which I help businesses around the world, is A/B testing. Full-cycle of A/B testing requires different areas of expertise. In this article I will write about approach my team uses to technically implement variations for A/B testing in Optimizely and Visual Website Optimizer. Both services provide you with a good... Continue reading

In this case-study I’ll tell how I increased conversion rate of a UK online-pharmacy, specifically of their erectile dysfunction click-through page. The main objective was increasing click-throughs to the next page and as a result increase of overall conversions into sales. Ecommerce conversion was not the main objective because the purchase funnel in this case... Continue reading