Hello. My name is Tony Simonovsky
and I am a digital nomad.a capoerista.a dreamer.
I live a nomad life, changing places every 1-2 months, work as an independent web-analytics and conversion rate optimization specialist and do capoeira. My blog is about all this and about my way of making dreams come true.

If you have implemented Google Analytics to track your website statistics, you might have had the need to share that data with co-workers and marketing or technology consultants to make further analysis and improvements. While Google Analytics has export and reporting functionalities, sometimes it is just easier to give people a direct access to your... Continue reading

Are you planning to have an ecommerce business or are you already on board? Like a great and successful business owner, entrepreneur or marketer, you need to track all relevant website activity to find insights and make data-driven decisions seeking to attract, close, and retain happy customers and of course, remain profitable. Thus, in order... Continue reading

MutationObserver can allow you to obtain any information about DOM changes. The word "mutation" is a synonym for "change". You can understand exactly what type of changes took place: the tag attribute change (note that MutationObserver save the old value), new or gone DOM element. You can “follow” a particular element or its “children”. On... Continue reading

Have we ever introspected what could have led to the success story of iPod – probably the most important of technological innovations in terms of consumer usage in the last 2 decades? Nothing but a detailed study of the current consumer behavior and a deep understanding of the consumer psyche as far as the need... Continue reading

We are living in a data-driven era and so we keep hearing about the terrific innovations made possible by data science week after week. Last week was no different! So, let's take a detailed look at a few stories from last week that showcase the impact of data science in a healthcare organization, such as... Continue reading

Web analytics has come a long way in shaping the world of digital marketing and online business model. Organizations are benefitting tremendously from real time analytical models in creating better leads, improving on product quality or service based on customer feedback and creating effective marketing campaigns to improve sales and productivity. There are numerous experts... Continue reading

1. HIV test An HIV test gives a positive result with probability 98% when the patient is indeed affected by HIV, while it gives a negative result with 99% probability when the patient is not affected by HIV. If a patient is drawn at random from a population in which 0,1% of individuals are affected... Continue reading

One of the areas, in which I help businesses around the world, is A/B testing. Full-cycle of A/B testing requires different areas of expertise. In this article I will write about approach my team uses to technically implement variations for A/B testing in Optimizely and Visual Website Optimizer. Both services provide you with a good... Continue reading

In this case-study I’ll tell how I increased conversion rate of a UK online-pharmacy, specifically of their erectile dysfunction click-through page. The main objective was increasing click-throughs to the next page and as a result increase of overall conversions into sales. Ecommerce conversion was not the main objective because the purchase funnel in this case... Continue reading